Say it With Plants: An Interview with Lotte Van Baalen of @PlantsOnPink

Products of the digital age are a lot of things, but user-friendly is not always a given. 

It was a natural fit for us to partner with Instagram phenomenon @PlantsOnPink at WantedDesign Brooklyn, given a shared appreciation for getting back to the simple foundation at the root of creating something beautiful.

The site's founder and creative director, Lotte Van Baalen, is our guest of honor at WantedDesign Brooklyn, where we've created a large-scale interpretation of her wildly popular Instagram account. The account began as, and remains, a project with roots in her passion for color and plant life. Two such simple concepts have exploded into over 30k followers, and collaborations with The Sill, Loeffler Randall and Barneys. She's also a modern representation of the role that plants play in design - her crowd-sourced images show that the public's interest around plants is permanently piqued, making hers a concept with stay power. 

Read on to learn about the woman behind @PlantsOnPink, and join us on May 15th as Lotte discusses "Plants in Spaces" with other industry thought leaders and lovers of design. 

1. Where did you get the idea for Plants on Pink? Is pink your favorite color? 

I have always been fascinated by colors, especially combined. For a while I was really fascinated by the combination of green and pink. A mix that's not often combined, but goes really well together. In nature you see it all the time. One day I rode my bike past a pink wall with some green plants in front of it, and then I knew: PlantsOnPink. 

2. Did you have any idea of what was to come when you started out? And, what’s been the most exciting project, collaboration, etc. thus far?

I felt an uncontrollable urge to share it with the rest of the world and immediately knew this was going to be such a fun project and I knew that it was very aesthetically pleasing, but I could've never predict that it would explode so rapidly. Within a month I had 1000 followers and in six months I had reached 10k. I am truly grateful.

3. How does it feel to be a part of NYCXDESIGN via your WantedDesign Brooklyn installation? 

I have done a lot of collaborations, interviews and got featured in a lot of magazines but the most exciting project is my collaboration with Visual Magnetics at NYCxDESIGN.  I'm really thrilled that visitors at design week are able to interact with the enormous installation; that it's becoming more than just something to share online and look at, like it is on Instagram. To have @PlantsOnPink coming to life on such a large scale, so that it's finally tangible is really a dream come true. I'm incredibly excited about showing at Design Week, a great place for my first exhibition; who would've guessed that within a year after starting the project I got the opportunity to go to New York. Í feel blessed.

4. What made Visual Magnetics the right partner to bring @PlantsOnPink to life, and on such a large scale?

VisualMagnetics is the perfect partner, they provide such innovative material that is not only functional in use but also very beautiful. It made me rethink the the entire concept of a wall; how I am surrounded by so much plain white walls, which are actually all enormous canvasses in a way. An incredible opportunity to join forces:  the magnetic and flexible products in very aesthetically pleasing shapes and colors provides a 5mx2,5m PlantsOnPink dynamic wall.

5. Where do you find inspiration in your day-to-day?

Inspiration hits me everywhere; when I read, visit a museum, when I'm mixing and matching outfits or hanging out with my crew. But mostly during what seems to be not so inspirational activities; while hanging laundry to dry, breaking a sweat in a spin class, or during that magical time when I'm no longer sleeping but not quite awake yet; I am very much aligned with my creativity.

Images via WantedDesign

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