Coworking Conversion: VM x Holyrad Studio

We love connecting with the many talented creatives in NYC (a major perk of being in the business of office design), so we happily rang in the New Year with a custom installation, and celebration, at Holyrad Studio

Our team was excited to take to the walls of the space, bringing the brand's voice to life through engaging visuals for their NYE bash - a writable wall for resolutions and custom layers for their main photo wall. 

This event was a chance to get creative, as the space is the perfect blank canvas for an experiential design - each wall became a backdrop, and the combination of hashtags and logos meant that the gracious hosts could be a part of the stunning snaps. What are typically dry erase walls for jotting notes, and brainstorming -- desk mates range from fashion designers to photographers -- were decked in Dynamic Spaces just for this special occasion. 

Creative Director, Daryl Oh, opened the doors last June, and the multifunctional space has been bustling with creative energy ever since. Her background in photography is evident in each carefully curated design decision, but lucky locals don't have to worry about it being to pretty to be serve its many purposes. Whether being used as the shop for a pop-up, a stunningly stark photo studio or coworking office, the Holyrad aesthetic, and penchant for transformation, were a natural fit for a collaboration. 

We were thrilled to add a few layers of holiday cheer for the swanky shindig. And, the best part? They were able to get back to business on Monday, with a quick reconfiguration.

The coworking movement is certainly a favorite of ours, and we couldn't have asked for a better partner to start the year with.