Artist Profile: Max Piras, Lost Cat NYC

1. How do you typically approach the illustration process? What materials do you use?

I always start with a sketch, pen & paper. Sometimes a pencil, but I don't like to erase. I keep a small sketchbook on me at all times because my best ideas usually come when I'm away from a desk.

2. Describe the difference in using part of a space to brainstorm / sketch - a wall vs. a piece of paper, etc. 

A wall surprisingly just feels like a big piece of paper, but there's an added physicality to drawing at that scale which makes it very playful & immersive. I felt just like a kid in a candy store!

3. How did you feel that something typically used in an office (dry erase boards, markers) translated to your purposes. 

Drawing in a sketchbook feels very personal, but there is a nice openness to drawing on a wall that feels perfect for collaboration. It puts your process on display, making it easy for others to jump in.

4. Tell us more about how Lost Cat came to be, and what you’re working on next

Lost Cat is a brand I created to help in my personal search for meaning. We use philosophy to help us explore new ways of connecting with consumers, which we hope ultimately reveal insights about the human experience. This framework lets us explore new ideas that would be too risky in other projects. I don't know what's next but you can follow @lostcatnyc to find out.

5. Anything else you’d like to share!

Thanks to Visual Magnetics for letting me draw on your wall & ramble about my process!